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Tailored mobile call center for businesses.

Elevate your customer interaction game with Go2Market's mobile cloud call center - a scalable and reliable platform that guarantees flexibility. Upgrade your cloud call center for an overall productivity boost and enhance customer experience. This all-in-one solution offers advanced features such as a customized CRM, incoming IVR, call recording, and easy maintenance. Rely on Go2Market to deliver a smart solution to maintain your call center operations.

Why Choose Our Mobile Cloud Call Center Solution for Your Business?

Fast and effortless installation

An in-house mobile cloud call center can be set up in minutes without any installation needed.

Reduce costs, save time

No need for extra software or hardware expenses. Save time and money by eliminating additional costs.


Efficiently manage end-to-end large campaigns with ease.


Our modern infrastructure, located at Airtel data center in Noida, has 800+ PRIs, providing scalability, reliability, and flexibility. With multiple backups, we guarantee 100% uptime, enabling us to execute mega campaigns seamlessly.

Data Security

Our platform is designed to allow you to upload and execute campaigns directly, ensuring end-to-end data privacy.


Real-time reports are generated and accessible through a user-friendly web panel for easy monitoring, auditing, and tracking purposes, ensuring complete transparency.


Comprehensive support for operations, product, technical, and servicing is in place, ensuring robust assistance.


Proficient in managing brand and loyalty campaigns across India through multiple channels.


Explore Our Mobile Cloud Call Center's Powerful Features.

Outbound Calls

Make outbound calls through mobile app with PRI number as CLI and unique CLI for each lead.

Dual Outbound Mode

Connect to PRI DID via Click 2 Call or Mobile Dial Pad using Dual Outbound Mode.

Preview and Manual Dialing

Manually dial leads using web UI or mobile calling pad against uploaded data.

Inbound IVR

Utilize IVR features for incoming calls with welcome prompts and sticky agents.

Call recordings

Access recordings, real-time monitoring, performance reports, and more through web-based UI, including welcome prompts and sticky agents.

Personalized CRM

Develop a personalized CRM with tailored dispositions for each campaign, equipped with IVR functionality, welcome prompts, and sticky agent features to efficiently handle incoming calls.

Automated Dialer

Boost agent productivity with our automated dialer that eliminates manual dialing.

Persistent Agent

Our persistent agent feature uses past calling history to connect you to the same agent again.

Click to Call

Enable website visitors to call you instantly with click-to-call functionality.

Text to Speech

Convert text to voice with powerful TTS feature.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly connect CRM to our cloud Call Center in minutes.

Real-time call analytics

Stay informed with live call tracking, monitoring, and comprehensive reporting available anytime.

Get Excel Report

Easily export all call logs as Excel or .csv format or sent as email.

Agent Efficiency

Visual reports are provided to assess the effectiveness of customer service agents in managing inbound and outbound calls. This analysis aids in lowering the cost per call by increasing call volume.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is Mobile Cloud Call Center?

A: A mobile cloud call center is a convenient communication solution accessible through a mobile application, providing unified digital and voice interaction. It allows users to easily access and utilize the features of a cloud call center while maintaining their presence and support on-the-go.

Q: Why invest in a Mobile cloud call center?

A: Investing in a mobile cloud call center can offer benefits such as advanced features to optimize employee performance and reduce operational costs. Services include outgoing calls, customized CRM, automated dialer, call recording, mobile access, and live reporting. These features make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to improve their communication solution.

Q: What is the difference between mobile cloud call center and cloud call center?

A: The main difference between a cloud call center and a mobile cloud call center is that the former provides a web-accessible platform for cloud services, while the latter offers free and unrestricted access through mobile devices. With a mobile cloud call center, users can enjoy cloud call services on-the-go, without any limitations or boundaries.

Service Included

  • Easy Setup
  • Web Based Management
  • Real Time Analytics
  • API integration
  • Customized solutions