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Revamp Customer Communication for Better Engagement

Streamline Call Management with Hosted IVR Solution. Automate tasks using personalized call flows with smart tracking, routing and recording features. Enjoy intelligent call management while ensuring a tailored experience for your customers.

How Can Mobikonnect's Cloud IVR Solution Benefit Your Business?

Managing High Call Volume

Efficiently Manage High Call Volume with Our IVR Solution. Don't let a large influx of calls overwhelm you. Our IVR system ensures that every call is attended to, preventing potential lead loss. Relax and trust our system to handle your calls seamlessly.

Develop a tailored encounter

Welcome your callers using their names. Produce multiple greeting messages and regularly alternate them to provide a distinctive and novel experience every time they call. Efficiently route them to the appropriate agent or team.

Establish a polished and reputable brand image

Implementing an IVR system can enhance your professional image, while creating distinct departments within it can further elevate your brand's reputation in the eyes of your customers.

Enhancing Customer Service

Simplify Customer Query Resolution with IVR. Direct your customers to the appropriate department on their first attempt, providing them with a seamless and hassle-free experience, ultimately fostering trust in your business.

Enhance Your Team's Efficiency and Output

The aim of IVR is to decrease the number of calls handled by agents, achieved through better self-service success rates and directing appropriate calls to specific teams or departments. This, in turn, can enhance the efficiency of your agents.

Affordable or "Economical"

We provide cost-effective packages to small and medium-sized enterprises, devoid of undisclosed charges or additional fees. Simply select the most fitting plan, without incurring significant expenditure.

Prospect Handling./Lead Tracking

Streamline your prospect handling and guarantee that no sales inquiry goes to waste. Employ automated systems to track lead sources and assess the ROI of your marketing campaigns. Enhance lead conversion by assigning them to the most qualified individuals and effectively nurture them over extended periods.

Grievance Handling

Hosted IVR is equipped with an integrated ticketing system that enables the consolidation of customer complaints onto a single platform. This facilitates streamlined tracking and resolution of complaints, leading to a reduction in overall complaint volume.

Sticky Agent

Many individuals prefer to communicate with a previously conversed individual rather than reiterating their story to a new individual. A Sticky agent facilitates this process by automatically directing the call to the same person with knowledge of the customer's recent history, thereby enhancing customer trust and engagement.

Instant Alerts/Instant notifications/Timely updates

Ensure that no business opportunities are missed with our comprehensive call tracking system, providing end-to-end monitoring and sending SMS and email notifications. You have the flexibility to select the recipients of each report and specify the frequency of delivery.

CRM Incorporation

Our API can be easily integrated with your CRM system, allowing you to achieve a unified perspective of your marketing, sales, and support platforms. This integrated view enables you to engage with your customers throughout the entire customer journey, from lead generation to post-sale support.

Call Recording/Record Calls

Have you ever pondered about the fluctuation of productivity within your team? By utilizing call recordings, you can review both inbound and outbound communications, archive them for future reference, and remove them as necessary. This enables more impactful training and onboarding experiences by providing live examples.

Live Data Analysis

Attributed to John Wanamaker, the famous marketing adage states that half of the marketing budget is squandered, but identifying the wasted half is elusive. Hosted IVR solution offers a robust analytics engine that provides real-time call data, including call volume, answer rates, duration, geographical origin, employee productivity, and campaign performance, enabling businesses to gain actionable insights to optimize their operations and marketing efforts.

Intelligent Call Routing / Sophisticated Call Routing Mechanism

Establish the call flow on a user-friendly, web-based panel by utilizing a simple drag-and-drop method. Customize the flow according to skill level, events, time-based scheduling, or any other business requirement. Prioritize calls based on business value and direct them to the appropriate personnel with call routing.

Tiered IVR Solutions

Welcome your customers with a meticulously crafted recorded greeting in any language based on their calling location. Enable customers to select their preferred point of contact seamlessly without any manual intervention. Receive unlimited extensions, globally and round the clock.

Minimize Call Transfer Errors

Establish various departments and direct calls to their respective departments seamlessly. The call transfer process is straightforward with zero chances of failure, resulting in minimal probability of call transfer issues.

Simplified Installation

The setup process is straightforward, taking just a few minutes. The dashboard is fully managed for your convenience.

Enhanced Plug-and-Play Capabilities of Our Hosted IVR Solution

Personalize IVR Workflow

Articulate the call routing process on the intuitive internet-oriented interface using effortless click-and-drag functionality. You have the flexibility to personalize your Interactive Voice Response sequence instantaneously.

Interactive Voice Response with Multiple Tiers / IVR System with Multiple Levels

Enable your clients to independently select their desired point of contact without human interference. Enjoy limitless extension-based call reception globally and around the clock.

Intelligent Call Routing

Call routing is the process of directing calls to appropriate personnel based on factors such as skill level, department, event, and time-sensitive business needs, prioritizing incoming calls and ensuring prompt and efficient resolution.

Immediate Analysis and Reporting

Our comprehensive dashboard provides real-time insights into your business call activity. Access current and historical call statistics for download and analysis with ease. Original wording guaranteed.

Call Recording/Record Calls

It is possible to conveniently access and retrieve records of all past communication, including incoming and outgoing conversations. These records can be saved for future reference and deleted at any desired point in time.


Incorporate our API into your preferred CRM software to obtain a unified perspective of your clientele, sales, and promotional initiatives. From initial interest to post-purchase assistance, interact with your consumers.

Sticky Agents

Our Sticky agent functionality facilitates automated routing of calls to the representative familiar with the customer's recent interactions, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Email and SMS Notifications

Ensure no missed business opportunities by utilizing end-to-end call tracking through SMS and email notifications. Receive comprehensive call reports directly to your email.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can you explain the meaning of IVR?

A: The Hosted IVR is a cloud-based EPABX designed for businesses that includes a Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution. It features an IVR system installed on a remotely located server and is accessible through a user-friendly web panel. This solution provides businesses with a reliable, low-cost phone system that is scalable and flexible, while also requiring no capital expenditure.

Q: Can you provide an explanation of its functionality?

A: The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system enables users to access information through a phone system without human assistance. Callers can interact with IVR by entering phone keys or voice inputs. The call flow and functionalities of a hosted IVR system are illustrated in the provided flow chart.

Q: How to incorporate IVR into my business operations?

A: To avail of our cloud telephony contact us at no. +91 7210 123 123. Our team is ready to assist you with any inquiries and connect your customers at no charge..

Q: What are the benefits of IVR for small businesses?

A: Every incoming call has the potential to bring in business, and it ensures that you never miss a call. By efficiently handling business queries, the call is redirected to the agent who can provide the right information, thus increasing productivity. It allows you to manage a higher volume of calls than usual, making sure that no potential customer is left unattended.

Q: Can it handle a large call volume?

A: Our infrastructure is located at Airtel Data Center, providing 24/7 seamless connectivity for all telephony lines and application servers. The design of our current infrastructure is capable of handling large call volumes and can be scaled to handle even higher call volumes as per the requirement.

Q: Which industries can benefit from it?

A: The versatility of this solution allows it to be used across multiple industries such as retail, education, food, finance, travel, healthcare, real estate, and more. The user-friendly interface of our service makes it easy to recall and use whenever needed.

Service Included

  • Easy Setup
  • Web Based Management
  • Real Time Analytics
  • API integration
  • Customized solutions