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Click to Call

Enable your customers to contact you in real-time with a Click to Call service on your website, preventing missed opportunities and staying connected with every visitor.

Benefits of Click to Call for Business

Boost Online Conversion

Our Click to Call service provides instant assistance from proactive call center agents for visitors seeking information beyond self-help options on your website.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Provide real-time expert guidance to customers for making crucial decisions, preventing website abandonment and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Converting Phone Calls

Easily add Click to Call to web pages for instant voice assistance, enabling customers to directly communicate with you in real-time.

Marketing Campaigns

Measure campaign ROI by integrating Click to Call button in email and ad campaigns, allowing direct customer engagement and conversion tracking.

No Missed Leads

Establish a customer-centric identity by being available to communicate via Click to Call when customers seek information, promoting excellent service.

Multiple Channels

Add Click to Call button to website, email, SMS, lead forms and social media campaigns with ease to enhance customer engagement across multiple channels.

Our Click to Call Features

Instant Call Widget

Effortlessly integrate call button on your website and app for seamless customer communication.

Online Control Panel.

Configure our web-based panel with ease, granting you complete control over the service.

Simple Tracking

Easily track all communication and record every call with our service.

Robust Cloud Center

Enhance your cloud center with our powerful Click to Call solution.

CRM integration

Easily integrate CRM with our web panel via API.

Intelligent Routing

Effortlessly route calls to relevant agent or department with intelligence.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What exactly is a Click to Call service?

A: The click to call service allows your customers to easily connect with you by clicking on the "click to call" button on your website or email. With our web-based platform, you can provide your customers with an online equivalent of a toll-free number, turning clicks into calls. This convenient and easy-to-use service ensures that you never miss a potential lead or customer, keeping you in touch with your visitors in real-time..

Q: How does the click to call service work?

A: With our click to call service, when a website visitor clicks on the button, our system generates a call to both the visitor and your agent, connecting them instantly. The button can be easily integrated into email and ad campaigns to track ROI or placed on your website to increase engagement and customer communication. Online retailers who use click to call report higher conversion rates and sales. The service not only provides convenience to customers but also useful information to salespeople for faster deal closure.

Q: What is the duration of the call process for the click to call service?

A: The call process take 4-5 seconds only.

Q: What is the process for setting up this service?

A: To set up our click2call service, simply visit our website www.exchnage360.in and sign up for our cloud telephony-based service. Alternatively, you can call +91 7210 123 123 for any queries you may have.

Q:Are there any hidden costs associated with this service?

A: No hidden costs.

Q: Which industries can benefit from using Click to call service?

A: Which industry do you belong to? We offer our click to call service to various sectors including retail, education, food industry, finance sector, travel industry, healthcare industry, and real estate. 

Q: What advantages does click to call service offer?

A: By utilizing click to call services, there is no need to remember or dial phone numbers manually. Incoming numbers can be contacted with just a click from the user interface, making it easier for agents to keep track of customer information and records.

With click-to-call, you can easily track and record every incoming call to identify potential prospects for future marketing purposes. The system also enables agents to quickly connect with potential customers by click 2 call and record every interaction for future reference.

With click-to-call, businesses can convert their web traffic into customers by offering an easy and direct way for potential clients to connect with a representative. This feature allows clients to easily place a call and receive information about the product or service they are interested in, increasing brand credibility and establishing a personal connection with the company. The ability to speak with a real person instead of a robotic voice enhances the customer experience and encourages trust in the brand.

Service Included

  • Easy Setup
  • Web Based Management
  • Real Time Analytics
  • API integration
  • Customized solutions